Hi! Just a little about myself…

I am married, have 4 children and I currently reside in Utah. I have loved photography as long as I can remember. I was the child that would ask for a camera for Christmas and bring my siblings outside to shoot. I remember being so excited when my grandma gave me flashcubes to light my images in the dark (anyone remember those?). I loved (and still do) looking through old photo albums and hate that I don’t print more of my own images. My background is in photography (not medicine) and when I decided I wanted to be a patient advocate for the Rare & Undiagnosed I wasn’t sure where to start so, I started providing photography services to these special Angels. In return I use their photos to raise awareness on a global level. The Aware of Angels Photography Project. Awareness not only for their diagnosis but who they are as a person, capturing their beauty and personality. Their parents want others to see them for the fun, beautiful, loving children they are. I provide the families with life long memories and use their images accompanied by a write up provided by their parents to raise awareness on our website. To date I have photographed over 50 Angels with genetic and undiagnosed disorders. These images have been used everywhere from gallery displays, television & magazines to blogs & websites. When these photos are on display there is a real connection made to these beautiful children. Getting to know these children, and their families has been a highlight of my photography career and I hope I can continue this project for a very long time.


Season Founder AOA