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Chromosome Disorder Leaflets from Unique-They have been collecting information about specific chromosome disorders in their comprehensive offline database for nearly 25 years and since 2003 have spent many thousands of hours producing family-friendly, medically-verified, disorder-specific information leaflets. These leaflets are dynamic documents and will be updated as new information becomes available. New leaflets about other chromosome disorders will be coming on stream all the time. Web version and print versions available.  Very helpful as handouts for teachers, therapists and family members.

Chromosome Disorder Outreach, Inc. is a non–profit organization, founded, supported, and run by parents just like you. Our families live around the world and CDO provides a network of support and information through an extensive library of available up–to–date articles, detailed registry, newsletters, and a listserv that’s online 24 hours a day, every day.

Global Genes Project: Great resource for parent support, up to date news/articles, and events:

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Chromosome 22-   (Chromosome 22 Central supports all chromosome 22 disorders, including 22q11.2 Deletion (Velocardiofacial and DiGeorge Syndrome) 22q11 Microduplication Syndrome, Emanuel Syndrome and the 11/22 translocation, Cat Eye Syndrome, Mosaic and Complete Trisomy 22, Chromosome 22 Ring, 22q13 Deletion (Phelan-McDermid Syndrome) and many unique chromosome 22 conditions.)

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