New AOA Gallery

Gallery PortraitsAware of Angels has a new portrait gallery going in at Recursion Pharmaceuticals in Salt Lake City!

We combine innovative biological science with machine learning and deep learning to discover new therapeutic opportunities for rare genetic diseases – or any disease that we can model in cells. Founded in 2013, we are making strides towards our ambitious goal of curing 100 diseases in just 10 years.

We have worked with this company over the last couple of years in our Rare Disease Day events and really admire their involvement in the community. They also just won not only the Biotech Innovation category of the 2016 Fierce Innovation Awards: Life Sciences Edition, but also Best in Show: Best New Product or Service! Congratulations Recursion!

They are dedicated to discovering new therapies for rare disease. The company wanted the installation to inspire and motivate their employees. They can see these sweet kiddos of ours and know why they are doing what they are doing everyday at work! This will be a permanent gallery until the company decides to change the decor. I am excited to share who they chose to be in the gallery when it is up! It is going to be amazing, stay tuned!