It’s often said that a photograph doesn’t do justice to having been somewhere or with someone. Season’s photography is the opposite. It’s so pure and alive that Season was not only able to capture my son’s life-giving smile but the timelessness of his soul.


JoshCalen-Deletion/Duplication Chromosome 19

Our experience with AOA and Season Atwater was Amazing. My 15 year felt very beautiful that day and Season took Beautiful pictures of her. I had many people tell us how amazing they were.  One picture that stood out to many was showing my daughter beautiful face and having her lift her shirt to show her two tubes in her stomach and some of the many scars she has. To look at her face you would never know she was sick but then to look at the tubes and scars you knew she faces many challenges. Not everything is visible and we can’t judge people by the outside appearance.  Season captured that perfectly.  We were very blessed to work with Season and AOA.

AmyAliyah-VACTERL Assoc., Gastroparesis, Chronic Lung Disease
Words cannot express how much Season’s photography means to me as well as all of our Utah Rare and Rare & Undiagnosed Network (RUN) families. Season captures the heart and soul of every single child she photographs. The picture she took of Ava, Oskar and Lucy will forever be in my heart. She captured their beauty, their pain and their spirit all in one picture. Season has been an Angel in my life as well as the lives of everyone in our rare and undiagnosed community. Her photography is only one part of her beautiful soul. She continues to inspire all of us mothers living in the world of the unknown. I watched Season photograph our Utah Rare Teen Photography Project this past year. She brought them out of their shyness and into the world of strength, inspiration and beauty. She gave confidence to the teenagers that often get bullied at school for being different. She gave them a life-changing experience and bonded them for life. There is no one like Season. She is such an inspiration to all of us.
GinaUndiagnosed Ava, Oskar, & Lucy

AOA has done so much for my family! When Season offered to take our pictures and help us raise awareness about my children’s conditions I never expected to have the opportunities it provided me with! It helped us market our fundraiser and highlight my children’s rare and partially undiagnosed conditions in so many ways. She told our story in the most beautiful way! We had never had pictures like these it was an expense we desperately desired to make but never had the money for with our medical expenses. It was a gift I will always cherish! We used the images taken of my daughter with her Feeding tube to raise awareness about our fight for HB230 and formula coverage for eosinophilic disorders in Utah. We testified at legislature and gave each person a picture of my beautiful daughter Season captured so eloquently. We have been given multiple opportunities to share our story and raise awareness for our Rare and undiagnosed community and these beautiful photos have shown people who we are and told our story through photos! I can honestly say that most of the amazing opportunities we have had to share have come from this wonderful organization, this opportunity and gift. We love AOA, the beautiful people who created it, all those who donate their time to help this organization, those who support it through fundraising and what AOA stands for! They are not just aware of angels, they too are angels!

JenJaxen, Tieler & Boston

I don’t know where to start with what a huge impact Aware of Angels has had on our family.  In a time I felt completely alone I was lucky enough to come across this great organization.  The pictures that Season took of our family will be forever cherished, she was so great to bring the best out in our little rare guy.  Whenever I have a question I bug Season because I think she is the most informed and hardworking person I’ve ever met! If she doesn’t know the answer she will help you find it.  She is truly an amazing person and this organization she has created has changed our life for good!

McKetteTaylor-12q14.1 Microdeletion Syndrome

Season’s work is incredible! She did such a great job of capturing the spirit of our little Leah. Leah doesn’t show much emotion but Season was able to capture her spirit. She also had such a great way of organizing our family in a way that allowed each one of our family shine. Her choice of scenery and backdrops also made the pictures warm and colorful. We will cherish these pictures forever.

ChadLeah-SCN8A Gene Variant

Season Atwater is truly an angel on earth with amazing photography skills.  She takes the time necessary to capture these sweet spirits. Season went above and beyond to photograph my son, Bridger, and was SO patient with him.  We will forever cherish every one of these pictures she took of our son, Bridger.

ChelseaBridger-Undiagnosed Leukodystrophy

So excited to find out about such a wonderful organization. So great that Aware of Angels would help spread the awareness through pictures. What a wonderful day my daughter experienced. First time to have a real professional photo shoot and make-up and hair done. She truly felt like a model and special. My daughter has had Mastocytosis since she was 3 months old. She is now 16 years old. Walking into the studio and knowing she was not going to be stared at or have unkind words spoken to her was wonderful. She was so excited to meet other kids with rare diseases. She still keeps in touch with some of them to this day. She talked about this experience for months and shared the photos to many people. I have also have shared photos on social media to spread the word. It is a memory we will cherish.

Maryel Maguire

I liked meeting other kids with rare diseases. I felt very comfortable. I had so much fun. It was a cool experience!

Katie Maguire

Maryel & KatieKatie-Cutaneous Mastocytosis

The photos have been a blessing in my life because of all the awareness it spread. First I shared it, then my friends then other people, and now a lot more people in my school know about me and who I am. They also respect me now instead of treating me weird. They treat me like a normal person now. If I said that to them it wouldn’t make sense. But it just means they don’t act so weird around me now. Also the photo shoot helped me gain some confidence. I loved how the photos showed us all for who we were. I feel so much love for AOA family. And I’m so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to be in the shoot in the first place.


Ricki-Neurofibromatosis Type 2

I get comments all the time about the beautiful photo of my daughter hanging in Primary Children’s Medical center that was taken by Aware of Angels.  Friends and family love to see beautiful children with medical needs highlighted in the hospital

JeanaJaymi & Kaelyn Down Syndrome