UtahRare/RUN/Aware of Angels 2018 Photo Project.

UtahRare/RUN/Aware of Angels 2018 Photo Project

Utah Rare has always been so supportive of our dedication to raising awareness for those who are rare and/or undiagnosed using photography. They believe that individuals are more than just their disease, and they have more on their plates than your average person. The annual collaboration between AOA and Utah Rare has brought so many people together, along with fun photo shoots, priceless memories, the chance to share stories, and a “day off” for those who suffer with tremendous medical conditions. This year, Utah Rare wanted to spotlight some of the adults in our community. I loved the idea (mostly because I have worked with children and rare disease) and thought it would be an awesome opportunity! So when preparing for these photo sessions, I kind of had an idea in my mind of doing something a little different. I tried to put myself in the shoes of an adult living with a rare/udiagnosed disease, suffering daily, being a parent, holding a job, attending college and I was overwhelmed just at the thought of how hard this must be. I have a special needs daughter but I tried to imagine what it would be like to have her and also deal with so many medical conditions of my own and it was suffocating. So, in my mind I pictured doing photo sessions that reflected this, the drowning, hopeless, overwhelmed, day to day lifestyle these adults must deal with. I went to the sessions with certain images in my mind that I wanted to try, and they were moody, full of contrast, black and white processing, serious and guess what?  I couldn’t have been more wrong about what to do. This group was full of light, optimism, fun, they’re strong, fighters and grateful. If a mother can lose 3 of her children to rare disease, suffer herself with a rare disease and be completely full of light, I needed to share that.  The following posts will be the stories and a handful of photos from these sessions.  These are some of the images taken at their shoots. Thank you to everyone who was involved in these sessions, especially the participants!  Julie Jackson Stylist, Cosmetology by Kilie, Utah Rare, RUN, and Persnickety Prints.